This one I had to design while monitor-challenged, squinting at my atrocious, fuzzy, ancient CRT monitor while waiting on a replacement for my good monitor that died before its time.

I gave this away for my World's Easiest Impromptu Challenge.  I had over 80 people participate.   :-)

My first try at gems.  Cool, but tedious to make!

Early this year we reorganized our creative team structure, forming functional teams.  I am now on the Elements Team, but not the Events Team, which means I get to make kits without actually having to host the challenges to give them away.  This one was used for a speed scrap prize.

I had a lot of fun making this one, playing with all the shapes to make the flowers and kites.  :)

Flower images provided by the incredibly generous and talented floral photography goddess Natalie Bullock. You rock, Nat!  Thanks so much for letting me use these. :)

I actually made this one in March, but held onto it until it was needed.  It was given out as the chat freebie at the June Gallery Opening Mixer.

I had a blast making all the quilted fabric stuff.  Not sure if it's too "fluffy" to work in a layout though.

Hmmmm.  I seem to be on a fabric kick. LOL  The flags are designed according to the actual offical flag requirements.  That was a lot of "fun" to measure out. :-b

This one was lots of fun to do.  I really love the texture on the solids.  The buttons were an afterthought, but turned out to be my favorite part of the kit.

Papers shown at 50% scale relative to elements.  I had so much fun making this one!

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