We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Houston, visiting with Mark's sisters, nieces, dad, and step-mom. Susie's boyfriend, Keith, (now her fiancé!) was brave enough to host Thanksgiving dinner for all of us at his house... although there were conflicting reports as to who actually volunteered him for that duty. :-) The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at Jill's, letting the kids run wild.


Jill and the kids check out Keith's swing while Keith and Mark slave over a hot grill in the background.

Matthew loved playing with Rachel on their trampoline!
Kaylee under the tree.

Susie and Keith.

I often found myself the center of my nieces' attention... but for some reason, only when I was holding a certain small cousin of theirs.
Jill got started on her Christmas decorating that weekend. Think someone was making a statement about two of her little angels?
Amanda and Keith, kickin' back.
Kaylee spends a little time with her Aunt Susie.
Matthew and Rachel wait for Amanda to finish cooking lunch.
Kaylee enjoys a quiet moment away from
her fan club.
Matthew and Nicole in a fierce competition.