A "during" shot of my stenciling mess.

Mark patches a small area of water damage we discovered during the cleanup.

The room that has become Kaylee's room has gone through a lot of different uses since we built this house. Originally it was an office, then later became a workout room, then was used for storage. If we had remembered to take some "before" photos, you would have seen a room filled with boxes, extra furniture, and miscellaneous stuff. The walls were covered with Mark's sport collectibles. And it was still that way until just a few short weeks before Kaylee was due to arrive! It took a lot of work to get the room even to the point you see at left... figuring out what to do with all those boxes, taking down all of Mark's memorabilia (amid sad sniffs from him), and filling and touching up a couple hundred nail holes in the walls.

Me, just a little bit pregnant, and exhausted after two days of stenciling.

She managed to do most of the work at her house, but had a few finishing touches left to complete after she came down to wait for Kaylee's arrival. She got a lot of "help" from Matthew.

Grandma Karyl very graciously agreed to sew bedding and accessories for the room from fabric I picked out and a quilt design I whipped up in Photoshop. Little did she know what she was getting into!

The shelves near the ceiling on two walls, which had previously been loaded with collectible Wheaties boxes, are now filled with springy stuffed animals, baskets, and knickknacks, conveniently purchased at Easter clearance sales!

We got Grandpa Archie into the act too, and had him make this neat name sign for her room.

Grandma Karyl made wall hangings to go with our theme, including a kite, sun, butterflies, and flowers.

She also made curtains...

...crib bumpers and skirt, diaper stacker...


... throw pillows, and this beautiful quilt!


Kaylee loves her room! :-)

Photos taken 4-15-02 through 12-20-02