Friday, April 20, 2001:  We finally get to the reason for this whole trip... the wedding of Kim's cousin (on both sides of the family), Barry, and his fiancée, Terri.  The groom's parents gave a lovely rehearsal dinner for the couple at an Italian restaurant in Denver's "LoDo" (Lower Downtown.)
Barry and Terri
Barry's parents, Judy (Kim's mom's sister) and Barry (Kim's dad's brother).  (Does it make sense now?)
Terri's parents, Ken and Audrey.
Kim's dad, Jim (r.) with his Aunt Elaine and Uncle Bill.
Terri's cousin, Allison, and her son, Andrew.  Matthew had a blast burning off steam with Andrew and his brother, Alex, while we waited for the wedding party to arrive.
Ah, there's Alex.  Poor guy was still on Maryland time!
Someone must have said something pretty funny!
More happy guests;... you can see...
...a good time...
...was had... all!
Matthew, during one of his rare calm moments that evening, hanging out with Daddy and Uncle Todd (Kim's brother).
Uh, that would be me (Kim).
Kim's mom, Karyl (l.) with Kathy and Josie.
Hey you guys, the kissing's supposed to wait for tomorrow!