Sunday, April 15, 2001 continues: Our next stop was Cadillac Ranch, just west of Amarillo.  For those of you who haven't heard of Cadillac Ranch, here's the scoop -- 
Ten Cadillacs, model year 1948 to 1963 representing the golden era of cars, are buried nose down in a field, all at the same angle as the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt.  Stanley Marsh 3, one of Amarillo's more unique residents, owns the Cadillacs.  Visitors from all over the world have stood in front of this art work and added their own touches, from scratching initials in the fenders to painting all ten cars red. "Art is a legalized form of insanity, and I do it very well," Marsh says.
This appears to be one of those added touches.
Matthew managed to trip and split his lip right away.  We didn't have anything on us to clean him up with, so he got to run around looking like a vampire for a while.
We've got our photos ready if they ever do a sequel to "Lost Boys".
Next we hit the road, and it was off to New Mexico, "Land of Enchantment".  Matthew was certainly enchanted by the letters on the sign!
Matthew: "Hurry up Daddy or we'll miss it!"
Daddy: "Somebody tell me again why I'm walking in this field."