This site is primarily for me to share my digital scrapbook layouts with my friends and family.  The layouts mostly feature my kids, but there may be a few here and there with me or my husband.  The site also has a bit of other stuff thrown in - a blog, links to sites I like, etc., etc. etc.

introducing the cast of characters...

I'm Kim (duh). I'm 37. I've been a stay-at-home mom for the past four years.  Previously, I spent 11 years as a telecom test engineer.  I grew up in Illinois, but have been in Texas since 1990.  I miss being close to my parents and brother, but don't miss the cold midwestern winters.  I'm generally rather quiet and am a bit of a geek.  I'm addicted to digital scrapbooking and serve as a moderator and creative team member at RAKScraps. The only tv shows I currently watch are Desperate Housewives and All My Children (but don't spoil anything for me because I'm usually way behind). My only other hobbies right now are doing cross sums and anacrostics and avoiding housework. :-p

This is my husband, Mark.  We met at a fraternity party and have been married for 14 years.  He's 45.  His undergrad degree is as a rocket scientist (BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering), but he works as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt - which has nothing to do with karate, but he had that kind of black belt too.  He's very into magic.  He has an internet business called That's-Impossible, which sells magic stuff, and is the Talent Chairman for the Texas Association of Magicians 2006 convention.  I love the way he makes me laugh and the way his eyes twinkle when he's got something up his sleeve.

This is my six year old son, Matthew.  He's in first grade, and his favorite part of school is riding the bus, but he's also great at math.  He loves his X-Box and all things Yu-Gi-Oh.  He has a wonderful imagination and inquisitive nature, and keeps me smiling with his unusual conclusions about the world around us.  He's very energetic, enthusiastic, and loud; everyone within a three-block radius knows it when he's excited about something.  He's also very sweet, and would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings.  He does like to torment his little sister, but, to be fair, she starts it a lot of the time.

This is Matthew's little sister, Kaylee. She's three, and is every inch a Taurus.  She's very stubborn and temperamental and is one of the pickiest eaters on the face of the planet.  She's quite the girly girl, and spends many hours just changing in and out of various princess costumes and jewelry and admiring herself in the mirror.  This goes very well with her penchant for the dramatic; I've actually caught her practicing her crying and tantrums in said mirror - she's quite convincing.  She's also incredibly cute, and I'm completely unbiased. ;-)


written 10/4/05