There's nothing like the addition of a new family member to draw in relatives from all over. We got lots of visitors this summer!



Grandma Jan with Kaylee and Matthew.

May 20, '02


Grandma Karyl, who had stayed to help for a few weeks, visits with Great Aunt Ruthie and Grandma Jan.


Grandpa Jim and Uncle Todd came back down to visit again and take Grandma Karyl home with them.
May 30, '02
Matthew and Grandpa Jim compare incoming messages on their pagers.


Grandma Karyl and Kaylee have a little chat while Uncle Todd and Matthew play Buzz Lightyear!


Buzz defeats the evil Emporer Zurg once again!

Grandma De and Grandpa Archie were the next to visit.

June 25, '02


Kaylee got to meet some of her cousins and aunts in August.

Aunt Jill and Rachel give Kaylee a lift.

August 4, '02

Kaylee and Aunt Susie rub noses while Matthew, Amanda, and Nicole do some serious game playing.



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