We ventured over to the home of our friends, Tom and Cynthia, one day so that Matthew could get to know them a bit better in case he needed to stay with them while Kaylee was being born. Little did I know that the real reason we were there was for a surprise baby shower organized by Mark!
- April 20, 2002 -



I settled into the seat of honor as I tried to overcome the surreal feeling that came from walking into a room unexpectedly filled with people from segments of my life that don't normally intersect.



Shannon's daughter Emma looking adorable, while Matthew gets an enthusiastic welcome from his cousins, Nicole and Rachel. The name tag Matthew is wearing is from a siblings class we had attended at the hospital that morning. He initially refused to put it on, then, in typical toddler fashion, wore it the entire rest fo the day.



The cake welcoming baby Kaylee Ilene was chocolate with marshmallow cream clouds.


Lori recorded the gifts as I began to tackle the huge pile of gifts from the attendees and other friends and family all across the country.





Many of the photos on this and the following pages provided by Shannon. Thank you, Shannon!
Our hostess, Cynthia, gets a chance to relax. Thanks for a wonderful shower, Tom and Cynthia!