What's this?! It's snow! In TEXAS!

Yes, that's right, we actually got enough snow for it to last a few days, and even build a snowman! So, as much as Mommy and Daddy really didn't want to be out in the cold, we decided to grin and bear it for Matthew, who had a blast! (Although Mommy wasn't out nearly as long as Daddy and Matthew, since she didn't have a winter coat that would fit over her big pregnant belly!)

February 6, '02

Matthew adds a bit to the body that Daddy made.

"Put the head right there."

And now for the face.

Say cheese Mr. Snowman!

Marching through the snow.

Look out! Matthew launches a snowball at Mommy!


The fight is on!

Matthew braces for impact!

Matthew gets some good ones in too!

Daddy gets the last word!