We took a road trip to visit family over Christmas this year. Aunt Susie was brave enough to endure the many, many, many hours in the SUV with us, and surprised everyone with her unexpected visit. Our first stop was to stay with Great-Grandpa Mervyn in Iowa. We spent one morning at Mark's Great-Aunt Dottie and Great-Uncle Walt's nearby farm.


Aunt Susie and Great-Great-Aunt Dottie


Great-Great-Uncle Walt, Great-Grandpa Mervyn, and Mommy


Matthew was thrilled with the snow in Iowa and insisted on wearing his mittens, even inside.


Great-Great-Aunt Dottie turns on her teacher mode to read Matthew a story.


Great-Grandpa Mervyn



Daddy listens intently while Great-Great-Uncle Walt gives him the benefit of his years of wisdom.