Celebration #3
A Rip-Roarin'

Christmas #3 was spent in Illinois with Grandpa Archie and Grandma De. We had dinner at one of the family's traditional favorite restaurants, a small town eatery named "Rip's" where your choice of entree is fried chicken, fried chicken, or fried chicken. Matthew mostly ate pickles.

Anyone who knows this family will have no trouble figuring out who's hand this is.

Matthew seems to be looking a bit like Popeye this evening.

Having polished off our chicken, we kick back and show off the sweatshirts Grandpa was kind enough to spring for. Mine is still in the package three months later, waiting for me to be not-pregnant enough to wear it! Maybe next Christmas.
(l to r: Matthew, Kim, De, Susie, and Archie)

Back at the house to open gifts, Matthew is intrigued by the elf climbing the ladder up to the Christmas tree.

This one is almost as big as Matthew!

Grandpa gets his very own Matthew-created shirt!

Matthew tries out his new Sit 'N Spin. Good thing he didn't overeat at dinner!