We were very happy to have a houseful of Mark's family join us for Thanksgiving. Matthew was the lucky recipient of this wonderful train that his Grandpa Archie built for him. Mark had sent Archie photos and measurements of one in a local park, and Grandpa went to work! Our backyard is now home to the Matthew Express!

Matthew points out a problem ahead, while cousin AJ looks a bit concerned as well.

Cousin Wyatt takes his turn at driving.

Not sure what AJ and Matthew are explaining to Wyatt, but he looks a bit worried.

Some time off from train duty to play a little golf.

Aunt Jill videos cousin Rachel, who is photographing Aunt Susie, who is washing Waldo Woo. Ooops, sorry, wrong story. Matthew, oblivious to the photo shoot, practices his swing.

Wyatt's out for a spin in the car, not easy with one of those pesky back-seat drivers tugging on your ear.
A sweet smile from Rachel.