While Mark was off in Las Vegas doing magic stuff, Kim and Matthew took a little vacation to see Kim's friend Kris and Kris' daughter Jessie. We met up in Denver before heading off to spend the week in the Rapid City, South Dakota, where Kris' family lives.

The first event on the itinerary was a get-together at the Denver Zoo with three other moms from our January '99 Bulletin board and their kids -- yes, there were five 2½-year-olds!

(That look on my face is me trying to keep Matthew away from Kris' camera, which I'm holding behind my back!)

Back row, l to r: Gretchen and her son, Ryley, Kelly and her daughter, Quinn, Shannon and her son, Doug.  Front row: Kim and Matthew, Kris and Jessie.
Matthew and Jessie, checking out the lions from a safe distance.
Matthew seems to be more interested in people-watching than the giraffes.
Matthew and Ryley watch the polar bear eating... polar bear chow?
out for a stroll. While those other silly kids (Jessie especially) thought that their strollers were for riding in, Matthew realized that it was much more fun to push!
The kids discovered an excellent puddle for some extended splash time. Matthew was quite enthusiastic about it and ended up with mud-spotted socks and legs!
l to r: Aiden (Gretchen's older daughter), Jessie, Matthew, Doug.
l to r: Matthew, Ryley, Jessie, Doug.
Matthew and Jessie, studying the mamma hippo and her baby.
Aiden and Matthew watch as the elephant demonstrates how to use her trunk to pull down branches from nearby trees, all from the cool comfort of her spot in the pool.
Matthew, pretending what? That he's an elephant, of course!