Matthew finally began to warm up to petting the animals when we got to the last enclosure -- the goats!
Kris shows Matthew how friendly the little goat is. The goat then thanks her by trying to eat her camera strap!

Matthew's still not too sure (Mommy's leg this time), while Jessie finds out that the goats like to eat the free straw that is lying everywhere almost as much as the feed from the vending machines.

Ah! Some goats who aren't frightened off by wild toddlers!

Matthew enjoyed this soda so much that he drank the entire can by himself... and took his time doing it. While Matthew finished his refreshment, Kris and Jessie had time to go check out a whole 'nother section of the farm after having their snacks.

Matthew's finally convinced, and he and Jessie are off and running. The skid mark on Matthew's shirt is from taking a dive into the dirt while chasing a goat a bit too enthusiastically.

Wonder what's in here?